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4 Ways On How To Get Backlinks For Your Website

You’ve probably heard how important backlinks are for SEO and building domain authority, but how do you get them? This blog post will show you 4 easy ways on how to get backlinks, so you can start ranking better in SERPS and getting more organic traffic from search engines!

For those of you who don’t know, “backlinks” are how other sites “link” to your site. It is like them saying, “This website is great! You need to check it out!” Backlinks show how popular and trustworthy your site is in the eyes of search engines, and is one of the major rankings factors for building high domain authority.

Building links from other websites is part of any search engine optimization strategy and is something you should definitely be doing to build your website backlink profile.

Without further ado, here are 4 easy ways how you can get backlinks for your site.

Write A Blog Post For Guest Posting Websites

One of the best way to build high quality backlinks is to write a blog post on a topic that is related to your own website and niche. You can then share your article on relevant blogs which accept guest posts, including a backlink to your website. This is often referred as “guest post outreach” or “guest blogging”.

If there are relevant sites that you want a backlink from, try reaching out and asking the site owner if they would be willing to post a backlink on their site or resource page. This can often be done via email or through online contact forms.

You can also find guest posting submission sites on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Guest blogging is a popular way to get backlinks and build your domain authority in search engines.

Hire A Link Building Agency

Sometimes, it’s easier to hire a link building agency instead of trying to do everything yourself, especially if your not an expert. They can help you build backlinks quickly, as part of a tailored link building strategy, increasing your online presence and growing organic traffic fast.

A link building agency will use a keyword research tool to find relevant keywords on relevant websites to your niche, and then implement several link building strategies to earn backlinks for your website.

Here at Click Rank, we’ve built a reputation for providing high quaity backlink services, such as guest post outreach, contextual links and curated link building, for both agencies and business owners. Our team of account managers are on hand to setup and manage your link building campaigns, showing you how to get backlinks for your website.

Be sure to speak to our team on a free 15 minute strategy call, or create your free account to view our link building services.

Find Broken Link Building Opportunities

Another great way to find link building opportunities is to look for websites that have broken links. These are links which no longer work, maybe the resource is missing or the external site no longer exists. This gives you the opportunity to replace that broken link, with a link out to your website instead!

You can search for broken link opportunities in Google using specific keywords related to your niche. One way to find broken links is by searching for keywords like “alternatives”, “compare” or “reviews”.

This will bring up websites that are looking for resources, so you can contact them and offer your link instead. For example, if they are looking for SEO tools but have broken links on their page you could suggest some on your website.

We’ve written a handy guide on broken link building, so be sure to check it out!

Get More Backlinks With Infographics And Videos

There are also other types of backlink opportunities that can work well, including infographics and videos. These link to your website from outside sources instead of on-site links, but they still help increase rankings in search results. Try reaching out to companies and site owners who make these items or asking if you could link to your site in the footer of their infographic or video.

This link building strategy can be very effective, but it’s important that you have good content on your website and resource pages so people are willing to share it! For example, if you find an infographic about SEO make sure your blog post has some great tips for improving SEO so people are happy to link to it.

A simple Google search will help you find infographics, videos and relevant content to build links and reach the coveted first page!

In Conclusion

We hope you found this artice on how to get backlinks helpful and these 4 link building tactics interesting.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your website grow with high quality backlinks and relevant links, get in touch with us, our SEO experts would be happy to help. We work with a wide range of businesses and industries and have showed many site owners how to get backlinks for their websites. We’d be really happy to have a chat with you about what we do for our clients. Which one of these strategies have you tried?

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