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Looking for a Cheap Guest Posting Service?

Buying backlinks is a taboo subject in the world of SEO. You’ll find all the experts and gurus say ‘content is king’ and that is true. Having good quality content and strong ‘On-Page SEO’ is super important in order to rank for your keywords. However, in competitive niches, the only way to topple the competition, is with high quality backlinks.

We both know that backlinks are a major ranking factor and therefore you’re looking for a link building service you can trust.

This ultimate guide will help you through the process of buying our backlinks, but also to address some common questions and guidelines for choosing the best links, to keep your website safe from any penalties.

If you’re an expert and already have the knowledge to buy backlinks, click below to check out our wide range of link building services!

Is buying links safe?

We understand you want to protect your investment and not harm your website in anyway with poor quality link building. That’s why you need an agency which follows industry best-practices to ensure the maximum amount of safety and privacy possible.

It can be said that buying links is against Google’s TOS, however it would be very difficult for search engines to prove what’s happening. By following best practices and taking precautions, buying backlinks can be completely safe when buying from a trusted link building agency such as Click Rank.

Without links, it’s very difficult to rank keywords in competitive niches. However, people make the mistake of buying poor quality spammy links, PBN links, forum links and link farms which will destroy any rank and authority your site has.

We ensure that we NEVER use any of these types of backlinks or anything similar. We follow a thorough 23 step review process for every link we build for our clients. Technical checks such as how many referring domains does the placement website have and how much organic traffic does the site get, ensures quality. Other checks include whether or not articles contain internal links, external links, images and unique high-quality content.

No matter which service you choose, you can be sure of the safety and quality of every link we build for your website(s).

Why buy from Click Rank?

Based in the UK, our team of talented link builders look for opportunities only on sites with high domain authority (DA), high page authority (PA) and most importantly, high Moz & Ahrefs rank based on Google quality guidelines. Have peace of mind knowing we build you the best links, with our quality control, content, placements, and white label reporting.

We value your safety.

As previously stated, we pride ourselves on following the industry best-practices and take precautions to ensure the safety and privacy of our services. We want to help your dominate the SERPs without getting any slaps from Google.

Quality is paramount.

We don’t waste each other’s time with poor quality services, which does absolutely zero in helping you rank, and would damage our reputation. We’re in the business of ranking websites and that’s what we love to do, and we’re great at it!

Here to stay.

Many one-minute wonders and pop-up agencies come and go regularly in our industry. However, we’re here to stay with all our energies and investment staked to build our reputation and brand as being the best link building agency around.

White label services on request.

The best part about our services is everything is unbranded (white label), perfect for agencies and resellers. Read more on our white label link building.

Frequently asked questions

To protect our network of sites and to keep the privacy of website owners, we have a limited amount samples we can share. Some of our service pages have samples linked, if not feel free to leave us a message.

If you’re unsure of what anchor text to use for your links, we would be happy to advise. Depending on the types of links you want to build, there can be strict anchor text criteria. Making sure anchor text appears as natural as possible is your best bet for building a high-quality natural links.

Currently we do not have an indexing service and generally we don’t like using them. As you can imagine, links wouldn’t appear natural to search engines if they were being force indexed. In our experience its best to leave links to appear naturally. Usually after you buy backlinks, most will appear relatively quickly.

For more information on how long each of our link building services take, please refer to the specific product page. Also feel free to message us for more details on delivery.

SEO is complex and there are many factors the search engine algorithms take into consideration when ranking websites. A good link building campaign with high quality links is just once piece of the puzzle. Depending on the competition, niche, your on-page and age of website, quality of content etc, it’s hard to predict results. However, in most cases, buying quality backlinks improves rankings.

Due to the nature of the work, all sales are final once work has started.

Our most powerful backlink services are all dofollow links, ensuring the link juice and site authority is passed on to your website. Only some of our foundational links, such as citations can sometimes be no-follow, but the majority are dofollow links.