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How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take?

SEO is not instant.

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy over several months at least in order to optimise your website for both On-Page and Off-Page strategies in order to improve keyword rankings in the search results.

Our society today is often after instant results, however digital marketing will require some patience on your part. Unlike paid traffic, whereby you setup adverts online and within a few minutes of them being published live you recieve clicks, SEO is about growing your website organically in search engines.

This long term strategy will eventually get you long term ‘free’ traffic.

If you are new to digital marketing and not sure where to begin, I highly recommend you get a professional SEO consultant or agency to look after this for you.

An SEO expert will look at your website overall and run a serious of audits in order to understand how its currently performing online in search. From there, On-Page optimisation work will be carried out in order to give all of the pages on your website the best chance of ranking well in search results.

Once this work has been undertaken, an expert would also look at building your website profile around the web, getting your website backlinks from other websites, in order to improve your website authority for your industry.

An SEO agency would also provide detailed reports and updates on the progress they are making, helping you understand the results which are being achieved from your investment.

If you’re intersted in speaking with an SEO agency such as ourselves, we would be happy to have a chat with you about how we can best help you achieve your SEO goals.

Quick Wins

As I just mentioned, there are number of fixes and optimisation methods we can use to get you an imediate impact with SEO. We call these ‘quick wins’.

These can be anything from implementing our extensive keyword research to fixing technical errors on your site and can give you an immediate boost when ranking for particular terms.

Although you may see small improvements in traffic and ranking positions on your website, it isn’t going to jump from say page 3 to 1st overnight.

If you run an ecommerce store especially, your product pages won’t instantly be at the top recieving orders after a few days. These quick wins are to get your website cleaned up and optimised to give you a solid foundation to build your SEO over the long term.

Long Term Strategy

With digital marketing and SEO, its difficult to predict the exact amount of time it will take to get your website to the top of page 1 for your relevant keywords and lots of free organic traffic. There are a number of factors in play which can determine the results. For example:

Your competition.
The different keywords you are ranking for.
How healthy technically your site is.
How easy Google can crawl your site.
The volume of search behind your particular services or products.

Here at Click Rank, we focus on building a long term strategy for businesses to tackle the most important things for your SEO goals first, so you can expect to see results as soon as possible.

Over the period of a few months, we will implement various updates, on-page optimisation and audits in order to stay ahead of the competition and help your website achieve the best rankings possible.

Why does it take SEO so long to work?

Since SEO is impacted by so many smaller things, it’s nearly impossible to see results right away. It takes Google time to determine things like:

The relevance of your page to a user’s search.
What the images on your site are.
Alt tags.
Title pages.
Meta descriptions.
How long it takes for your page to load.
How many backlinks you have on your page.
Broken Links.

All of this information, and more, determines where you rank in search engine results pages and can will all take time within your SEO strategy to see an impact.

In Conclusion

I’m sure you now appreciate that SEO is unfortunately a long term goal rather than an instant quick fix in order to achieve traffic and results. There is no exact time frame in order to achieve that coveted page 1 status for your relevant keyword searches.

As an experienced SEO agency, we highly recommend at least 4-6 months of consistent SEO in order to achieve desired results. Although we don’t believe in contracts, if you were to hire us, we strongly suggest you first make sure you can commit for this period of time.

We work with you to develop a bespoke strategy for your business, in order to achieve your goals. Our team would get to work straight away on implementing whatever changes need to be made so you can focus on running your business and keeping your customers happy.

However, after 6 months the work is not done!

As you see results and your business grows, there is no reason to stop with SEO. The competition won’t stop and therefore you must not either. You have to stay on top of the game to ensure you secure the organic traffic for your business .

SEO is a long-term investment in seasonal services and products too, with many ecommerce sites seeing their best months before and around Christmas. Be sure to speak to us about a tailored SEO plan if your business offers seasonal services.

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