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Our powerful custom link building services are built on results. Have the peace of mind that your website and clients websites are in safe hands.

Affordable Pricing

No matter your budget, we offer link building services at affordable prices. Get wholesale prices, much cheaper than our competitors!

White Label Reporting

For best results, your site needs to follow good on-page practices and content needs to be high quality to rank with outreach guest posts.

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Ordering our services has never been this easy. Create your free account to order, manage and track our services, all from one simple to use dashboard.

Our link building services

Managed Link Building

Our MLB program is our premium link building service, perfect for both business owners and white label agencies. After an initial consultation and audit, we agree on a monthly budget to spend and then we go out to secure links. Each month your website gets high quality, niche relevant links to build domain authority and improve rankings and grow your search engine traffic.

Curated Links (Niche Edits)

Our most popular backlink type, Curated Links are a powerful method to improve keyword rankings. Similar to guest posts, we add links to existing articles on relevant websites which already rank well, passing lots of power, relevance and authority back to your website.

These permanent links pack a big punch without completely emptying your pockets.

Outreach Guest Posts

One of the most widely regarded methods of building links to your website and improving domain authority, blogger outreach guest posts are a great strategy to move your website up the SERP and grow website traffic. Similar to Niche Edits, except we write a new article on a relevant established site with a link back to you. This type of link gives you complete control over the content and where you place your links.

Our blogger outreach link building service is our most popular, compared with our other link building services.

Local Citations

If you want to rank your website for local searches, then citations are very important. Take the hassle out of manually adding your site to local directories, we do the whole process for you and get you listed on the best sites to boost you locally and build your brand awareness. Detailed reports along with the login credentials for each directory are included with every order. Dominate local search with backlink services from a trusted link building company.

Why Choose Our Manual Link Building Services?

If you’ve been looking for a quality backlinks service provider, then you know it can be a mine field of poor-quality services and scams.

Here at Click Rank, we pride ourselves on delivering on our claims and ensuring we don’t make empty promises to our customers. Here’s some reasons why you can trust us with your link building & digital marketing:​

  • Links only on real sites – We don’t use spammy software or bots to generate links. Every link we build is manually placed on a real website with real traffic. We’ve developed a strict criteria and only outreach to websites with high quality link building opportunities. We avoid placing links on PBN networks. This ensures you only get quality links from a trusted link building service.
  • Links made to look natural – Search engine algorithms are becoming better at quality checking content and understanding how links are structured. Therefore, to make your links appear natural, we only insert them into the body of an article, surrounded by relevant engaging content. Natural links are the key to building a natural backlink profile and not getting a Google penalty.
  • High quality content – We only use British writers to ensure the quality of our articles are 100% top notch. Our writers understand a wide range of niches and are able to produce a high-quality piece of content to go along with your links, ensuring relevancy and everything appearing natural.
  • Build links at scale – No matter the order size and budget, we can deliver on your expectations. With a team of SEO experts and writers ready to help, we can build links at scale. With a database of over 2000+ contacts for outreach link building opportunities, we are ready to take on your requirements.

When building links, our team look for opportunities only on sites with high domain authority (DA), high page authority (PA) and most importantly, high Moz & Ahrefs rank based on Google quality guidelines. This process is the most effective for ensuring we only build high quality links which actually move the needle and rank your site in search engines.

If you are interested in our services, leave us an email and we’d be happy to send you a sample list of some websites (in your niche) we can potentially outreach too before placing an order with us.

Which Link Building Packages Should I Choose?

As SEO professionals and with our many years of experience, we recommend to our customers who want results, to start with their 5 most important keywords. Good link building strategies start with a variety of 10-15 links each month and scale from there if necessary.

With every order we would require the following:

  • Target URL
  • Title of the article
  • Anchor text for the link

​Why not give us a try for a month and see the results we can achieve with some professional link building. After each order, we let you manually approve the website(s) you wish your links to appear on. Each order gets a detailed breakdown report, so you can keep track of the progress.

Our Disclaimer

Don’t be fooled by so called ‘experts’ telling you some spammy cheap links on forums will rank you page 1 in a matter of days. We want to be transparent and up front with you. SEO is getting harder and to improve search rankings takes a considerable effort and budget.

To achieve success and move your site up the SERP’s you need the services of a professional link building agency which offers quality link building services to help. However, even with all our knowledge, you cannot expect immediate results. Moreover, results largely depend on a number of factors such as the following:

  • Current website rankings – Brand new sites, or keywords which are not currently ranked will take much longer to move up the SERPs and grow organic traffic.
  • On-page optimisation – In order to rank your site for your relevant keywords, good on-page optimisation is essential. It’s almost impossible to rank pages with a poor structure and low-quality content.
  • Competition – If you want to take on the big boys as a one-man band, or expect to rank for terms such as ‘car insurance’ you can almost forget it. A lot of SEO depends on level of competition and looking for other keyword opportunities in order to grow your website organic traffic and leads.

In most cases, clients can expect results within 3 months of initiating a link building campaign with us. However as explained, search engine optimisation is a long game and a high-quality link building strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. As link building experts, we work to a sustainable model for our link acquisition and site owners need to manage their expectations.

Frequently asked questions

A basic definition of link building, it’s a strategy to get other websites to link back to your website. A key search engine optimisation tactic to improve keyword rankings, building high quality backlinks can be a signal to search engines (Google) that your website is a quality resource.

A link building service is when an agency who are experts in SEO, reaches out to other websites where your target audience spends time and places links back to your website on relevant web pages. Agencies promote your website content by gettting backlinks on niche relevant sites. Link building services are used by many businesses and site owners and is a great strategy to get a positive movement in search engines and ultimately more traffic to your website.

You may have seen other SEO agencies and link building companies use the phrase ‘white hat link building’. Whereas black hat link building is when link builders look to expolit nasty link building tactics to manipulate google search results, White hat links are manually & ethically outreached via guest posting and broken link building to appear like ‘natural links’. To ensure we only provide our clients the best link building services, our successful link building strategy is to take the time to speak to website owners and look for opportunities to build quality links.

If you order backlinks from us, you should expect to see positive results within 1-3 months. To achieve strong long term results, we highly recommend implementing a link building campaign for at least 6-9 months so we can build you the best high quality backlinks.

With every link placed, we can guarantee the placement staying for at least a year. However, because we do manual outreach to high quality sites, in most cases, the link placements should stay indefinitely as genuine blogs never disappear, unlike private blog networks (PBNs).

We’ve built relationships with excellent UK/US based content writers, who write engaging content relative to your business. Each write-up goes through a thorough check and proofreading process to ensure all articles are the best of quality and we provide a quality service.

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. SEO agencies use this score as part of their link building process, to measure the existing link profile of relevant sites.

If you’re looking to rank specific product/service pages on your website, we can point links to these internal pages in order to boost their rank. Most clients prefer the homepage however, as its the main URL and the link juice can be passed down through the site, a common link building approach.

SEO services like link building are essential to increasing organic rankings in search engines. To rank higher in the search results, your website must have a good domain age and authority, and the only way to improve that is with high quality back links pointing to your site from popular websites.

We accept all niches except for adult and casino, so we can provide the best link building service. We have vast experience, in health, travel, ecommerce and everything in between.

If you’re serious about improving search engine rankings and growing your website traffic, then you need expert link building services. Only manual outreach on high quality websites as part of a proven link building strategy from expert link builders such as ourselves, will see your sites grow. Click Rank is a UK based link building agency and we believe we provide the best link building services, so get in touch with us today!