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What Are Niche Edits? [Our Niche Edits Service Guide]

In this article we explain what are niche edits and why they are such a popular link building strategy, why you should invest in them for your website and how we aquire them.

What Are Niche Edits?

Popular amongst SEO’s, a ‘Niche Edit’ is simply a backlink placed within aged, already indexed pages.

Placing a backlink on a relevant post which already has traffic is a great way to pass authority to your website and give a boost in rankings.

Google loves content which gets traffic and lots of share signals. If you can get links back to your site in articles like these, it passes some of this authority on to your website.

How Can Niche Edits Help My SEO?

Rather than placing backlinks in a newly written guest post, niche edits are beneficial for leveraging authority from existing aged content.

Brand new content takes time to age, whereas with Niche Edits you can aquire an instant SEO boost once your edit has been indexed.

Embedding your natural anchor text & URL within a relevant article adds value to the reader.

How We Get Niche Edits For Our Clients

As a link building agency, we’ve taken the time to search the web for existing content and niche specific posts, ideal for relevant link placements.

Using software such as Ahrefs & Semrush, we can quickly find articles by keywords relevant to your destination URL and then build outreach relationships with the owners, ready to place backlinks for our clients.

We take special care to not only identify content already indexed in Google, but also content which is at least a few months old.

By placing your niche edit backlinks in these relevant pages, not only does your website benefit, the placement article benefits from new additional value.

How To Incorporate Niche Edits Within Your Strategy

As explained, Niche Edits are a great link building method you can implement as part of your SEO strategy.

It’s important to note however, a good link building strategy includes other backlink types in order to diversify your websites link profile.

As you can imagine, it would appear unnatural to search engines that a website only gets link mentions from existing aged pages that already have authority.

Like with all link building techniques you need to ensure your website is correctly optimised and setup for Google before a link building campaign can begin. Focus on good On-Page optimisation to help your content rank, along with your outreach link building.

For consistent increases in SEO performance it is recommended that you engage in monthly link building program.

Blogger Outreach vs Niche Edits

Using a Niche Edits service in conjunction with other link building strategies such as Blogger Outreach, is highly recommended.

Whilst Blogger Outreach gives you the opportunity to place backlinks on new relevant content written just for you, with a few relevant powerful Niche Edits, you can create an authorative backlink profile which will solidify rankings and move the needle.

Guest post outreach takes considerably longer than niche edit placement, as content needs to be written in order to post your links. This is why in most cases, buying niche edits is much cheaper than blogger outreach services, as you don’t need any content written.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to an SEO strategist, book a free strategy call with one of our team.

We only place niche edits on sites with real organic traffic, which is the key factor seperating a potentially powerful backlink placement from a trash one. We guarantee the links we build are placed on sites with 500+ or more organic traffic (monthly), or we give you a refund and you keep the link.

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